The Hendricks

This refreshing cucumber mint cocktail is those warm summer nights!


So it’s almost the end of June, can you guys believe it? This is my first summer in LA and before being here I had no idea what June Gloom was, but now I get it.

So while it has been dreary here it has also been so rainy at home, so basically, everywhere I go has less than ideal weather. But they say the nice weather is coming so it’s time to start getting outside and enjoying summer.

Now one of the things that go so well with a summer bbq is a great summer cocktail, and this one is such a refreshing option! It’s the perfect blend of fresh cucumber and aromatic mint topped off with the perfectly complementing Hendricks Gin. Now, if you haven’t ever tried Hendricks you may not get why they type of gin is important, but it really is. Hendricks already has flavours of “cukes and flowers” making the flavours marry exceptionally well.

So next time you need a fun cocktail mix this one up - it’s guaranteed to become your summer go do drink!


prep time 5 minutes

total time 5 minutes

servings 1


3 slices of cucumber

3 mint leaves

2 oz hendricks gin

lemon lime soda


In a cocktail shaker place cucumber and mint leaves - muddle until juices have realized from the cucumber and the mint is fragrant. Add in gin and shake vigorously.

In a cocktail glass place 4-5 ice cubes then pour over gin cucumber mixture. Top with lemon lime soda and garnish with mint leaves.