Summer Fruit + Honey Pavlova

This fresh and light dessert is the perfect ending to any summertime meal.


So, here is what I love the most about Pavlova - it looks amazing and oh so fancy, yet is actually super easy to make. If you can make whip cream, you can make Pavlova. Honestly, all you are doing is beating, then beating some more. It takes a bit of patience, but if you have that, your set!

Now let’s talk about the toppings. Your options are endless, I mean how good would it be with cherries and almonds or sweet juicy peaches. This is the perfect dessert to make if you have a bunch of fruit to use up and want to feel fancy.

Now if you haven’t ever had Pavlova it’s basically a meringue topped with whip cream and fruit. The meringue centre is like a soft delicious marshmallow with a crispy coating. If you have a tough time getting it out of the pan and some of it breaks don’t fret, you're covering the entire top in whip cream so no one will have any clue that it wasn’t perfect.

This version I made in a springform pan but you can also line a baking sheet in tin foil and spread your meringue into a circle - but if you have a springform pan use it. It gives you a perfectly uniform shape and allows you to put it on any serving tray or platter without any challenges.

So next time you want to wow your friends make this Summer Fruit + Honey Pavlova - I promise, everyone will be instantly in love!


prep time 30 minutes

cook time 1 hour + 1 hour to rest

total time 2 hours 30 minutes

servings 6

Meringue Ingredients

4 egg whites at room temperature

1 cup white sugar

1 tsp corn starch

1 tsp white vinegar

1 tsp vanilla

Topping Ingredients

1 cup whip cream

2 tbsp white sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 kiwi

1/2 cup raspberries

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 cup strawberries

2 tbsp honey


Preheat oven to 250. Cover the bottom of an 8 inch spring form pan with tinfoil then set aside.

in a large bowl or a stand mixer place egg whites that are at room temperature and beat until the eggs make soft peaks.

To the eggs slowly add in sugar and corn starch and beat until it becomes stiff (this could take up to 10 minutes). Once your eggs are stiff take a small amount and rub it between your fingers being sure that it is smooth and you do not feel any sugar remaining. if you do, continue to beat until it is completely smooth. Add in vinegar and vanilla and beat another 1 minute to fully incorporate.

Pour your meringue into the prepared springform pan then bake for 60 minutes then turn off the heat and allow it to sit in the oven for another 60 minutes (do not open the door during this time).

Once cooled carefully remove it from the spring form pan using a knife to help release the sides if needed.

In a medium bowl or your stand mixer place your whip cream, sugar and vanilla and beat until thick and creamy.

Evenly spread your whip cream over the entire merengue then top with your blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and kiwi. Drizzle with honey then serve.


Smoked Strawberry Smash

The smokey strawberries are the star of this yummy cocktail. With freshly squeezed orange juice this is a cocktail you can feel good about indulging in!


Did you say Smoked Strawberries!!! I do need to admit that before this cocktail I hadn’t ever toasted strawberries, but all that has now changed. Plus, roasting strawberries over an open flame makes you feel like your making strawberry s’mores - which might not be a bad idea!

So back to this yummy beverage. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t mind pulp in my beverages, but I know lots of you are not a fan so feel free to strain your puree before you serve though you will miss out on some of the black charred bits which I personally think totally add to the drink.

So now that you have your lovely beverage what’s your plan for tonight? We are checking out a comedy show and I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad nervous. Is it only on TV that they heckle the crowd or is this something I should be concerned about? It’s the same thing with street performers. I’m always the one trying to stay out of their line of sight so that I don’t get picked out of the crowd. I can be the only one that feels this way right!

Anyway, wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed we get the worst seats in the house!


prep time 10 minutes

cook time 10 minutes

total time 20 minutes

servings 4


2 cups fresh strawberries

8 oz vodka

8 oranges or 2 cups oranges juice

soda water


Wash and core each strawberry. Over the flame of a gas stove toast each strawberry similar to how you would toast a marshmallow (if you do not have a gas stove you can do this on the bbq or under the broiler). Allow each strawberry to get blackened then add strawberries to a food processor and pulse until smooth.

If you're using fresh oranges squeeze each orange into a medium sized bowl or juice pitcher.

To prepare, evenly divide strawberry puree between 4 glasses then add in 2 oz of vodka, 1/2 cup of orange juice and top with soda water. Serve immediately.


Greek Yogurt with Roasted Strawberries and Honey Nut Crunch

This yummy combination of tart roasted strawberries and crunchy cereal makes for the perfect way to start your day!


So I’m have been dying to make this Honey Nut Crunch for such a long time. I am not a fan of cereal with milk but I do still love some good crunch Honey Nut Cheerios from time to time and I figured that using it as a granola substitute would be the perfect plan.

Now you can’t just have yogurt and granola - fruit is a must in my books and while I love fresh strawberries, sometimes switching it up is called for.

If you have never roasted strawberries you are seriously missing out. Roasted strawberries on vanilla ice cream with a balsamic reduction is truly a dessert worth trying.

Lastly, this breakfast wouldn't be complete without a drizzle of honey! That way you can skip the flavoured sugar filled options and stick with unsweetened greek yogurt!

I also recommend making your Honey Nut Crunch and Roasted Strawberries the day or night before so that you have a quick and easy assembly for your busy weekday mornings because I don't know about you but breakfast needs to be quick and effortless and with a little pre-planning this is the perfect option!


prep time 10 minutes

cook time 55 minutes

total time 1 hour 5 minutes

servings 4


2 cups Honey Nut Cherrios

1/4 cup almonds

1/3 cup honey + 2 tbsp

2 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 tbsp vanilla

pinch of salt

2 cups strawberries

olive oil

plain greek yogurt


Preheat oven to 350. In a large pot melt coconut oil then add in 1/2 cup of honey and stir until combined. Remove from heat and add in vanilla, salt, Honey Nut Cheerios and almonds. Stir until coated then transfer to a lined baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes, remove from oven and toss then return to the oven for another 5 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

To make the roasted strawberries slice into quarters then place on a parchment-lined baking sheet. drizzle with olive oil and 2 tbsp of honey then toss to coat. Roast in a 350-degree oven for 40 minutes.

To serve place Greek yogurt in a bowl, top with Honey Nut Crunch and roasted strawberries and a drizzle of honey